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Tesseract is a modern 3D brain teaser puzzle which merges elements of classic games such as maze and snake.

Try wrap your head around this mind-bending reimagining of the classic game of maze by simply swiping to rotate, pinching to zoom and sliding the clipper in order to get the red cube to green.



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  • Release Notes
    Apr 3 2024 - v2.1: Fixed Google Play Achievements bug Updated some old behind the scenes code for stability Mar 22 2024 - v2.0: Squashed some level generation bugs. Over 1000000 procedurally generated levels now ready to play Overhauled joystick controls so only directions available are active. Players can also simply tap buttons to move red cube for easier play. Holding buttons now no longer necessary Added tutorial button in case players need help/refresher with controls. Also updated tutorial to make goal of game clearer Feb 10 2024 - v1.4.1: Fixed crash bug on certain devices Feb 4 2024 - v1.4: Added Google Play Achievements - 16 new medals/achievements to collect Reduced maximum Tesseract size further for easier play Fixed crash bug on certain devices Fixed control/joystick bug Nov 8 2023 - v1.3.1: Fixed Google Play Leaderboard bug Fixed Mobile Data connection error Oct 27 2023 - v1.3: Upgraded DPad for better 6 axis control Added 1000 new levels, now totaling 2000 levels available Oct 13 2023 - v1.2.2: Fixed background music loop issue Oct 12 2023 - v1.2.1: Adjusted volume levels for SFX Changed background music Oct 11 2023 - v1.2: Updated Tesseract size limit so levels are easier to complete Added background music and sound FX Replaced 'quit' button with 'options' on main menu for custom audio volume control Fixed tutorial bug Oct 1 2023 - v1.1: Updated first 10 levels for easier play Added Google Play Leaderboard Increased overall game colour vibrance and contrast Sep 24 2023 - v1.0: A modern reimagining of the classic game of maze - swipe to rotate, pinch to zoom and slide the clipper in order to get from red to green. With up to 1000 levels ready to go, and more to come on future updates, try wrap your mind around the classic game of maze in a whole new dimension


For any enquiries in regards to Tesseract, feel free to message us at:

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